Functional Skills

Find out how our eLearning Functional Skills programmes can help you

Prospect Training Service's Functional Skills maths and English programmes provide a blended learning delivery model. They are written by our team of experts to be accessible, inclusive and non-discriminatory to suit a wide range of learners and include a variety of realistic contexts, scenarios and problems.

The courses provide engaging and creative learning solutions where users:

  • develop core maths and English skills, for use in day-to-day life
  • become immersed in learning with the use of interactive real-world scenarios
  • have the subject matter delivered in manageable topic sizes with accompanying voice-over
  • are supported by online tutors, with continuous learner feedback
  • have their progress and engagement time tracked for audit purposes
  • take part in interactions and bespoke animations which create a challenging but fun program.

We provide learners with all the tools they need for success by closely following the qualification specifications. Functional Skills includes demonstration and practice of the skills which support the development of effective everyday speaking, listening, communication, reading, writing, problem-solving and maths skills, to encourage confidence and independence in life and work or further education.

The courses are interactive, fun and come with full voice-over, designed to be adaptable so that learners can go at their own pace with minimal input from the tutor. They also compliment a more blended-learning approach that can be a useful aid for the tutor, either within the classroom or to provide structured independent study, online at home. Learners can access the courses at their desks, or on the go with their mobile and tablet devices.

Functional Skills Maths

Our Functional Skills Maths blended learning programme is a perfect example of where you can hit that FELTAG 10% and then some. The course embraces scenario-based learning with plenty of interaction and instantly reinforces knowledge via micro-assessments, giving your learners the instant gratification they need to remain enthused.

Depending on the level, courses include:

  • pre and post-assessment
  • fractions, decimals, negative numbers
  • handling data, reading graphs and tables, averages
  • units of measure, dealing with currency
  • shape and space, angles, perimeter and area
  • rounding and estimating
  • calculations, formulas
  • checking your work
  • "test your knowledge" micro assessments which reinforce learning as you go
  • practice tests at the end of each topic
  • mock assessments to fully prepare learners for the real assessments.

Functional Skills English

Like our Maths programme, our English Functional Skills course is mapped to industry standards, providing fun and empowering education that learners can directly correlate to their own lives. All of our courses have full voice-over and custom graphics for a truly immersive experience.

Depending on the level, courses include:

  • pre and post-assessment
  • writing, making sentences more interesting, formatting
  • reading for meaning, skimming and scanning, different types of text
  • grammar, spelling, syntax
  • speaking, listening and communication
  • proofing your work
  • "test your knowledge" micro assessments which reinforce learning as you go
  • practice tests at the end of each topic
  • mock assessments to fully prepare learners for the real assessments.

The results are empowering courses, both for the organisations providing them, and for the learners, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom-based learning.

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